NoSpin Locking Differential

NoSpin Automatic Locking Differential

NoSpin maximizes traction by delivering 100% of the torque and power to both drive wheels. It is engineered to keep both wheels in constant drive mode, yet has the ability to automatically "unlock" during turns to permit the necessary wheel speed differentiation.

NoSpin Differential

Industry Leader

Locked Drive Systems has been a leader for over 20 years in the Differential Locking sector across many applications from Commercial Truck / Bus, 4WD, Motorsport, with a specialist range that has been developed from over 20 years’ experience.

For the Toughest Conditions

The NoSPIN units from Locked Drive Systems Pty Ltd are designed to suit the toughest terrain and applications such as Mining, Emergency, Utilities, Lift trucks, Construction, Military, Agriculture & Forestry