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Locked Drive Systems Pty Ltd (Also known as LDS) is recognised nationally as the leader in development of NoSpin differential technology to suit a range of Japanese trucks.

Most Japanese trucks come delivered with an open rear differential. This is fine for most on-road applications. However, in situations where vehicles are required to operate in harsher environments where they have to deal with loose surfaces such as mud, rain, ice & snow or the rough uneven surfaces often found off-road, open differentials can start to show their short comings. With a propensity to deliver drive to the wheel with the least amount of resistance; in situations where one wheel may be in the air or the driven wheels are on a loose or slippery surface this will lead to the wheel with the least amount of grip being delivered all the drive often causing the wheel to free spin and resulting in the vehicle loosing forward momentum and potentially getting stuck or worse.

With many operators in Australia / New Zealand often needing to operate these trucks in such environments and a lack of suitable solutions on the market; Locked Drive Systems saw an opportunity to develop a range of products designed specifically for these vehicles. Using the highly regarded NoSPIN Differential Lock from Eaton, LDS has created a range of lockers to suit trucks from Isuzu, Mitsubishi/Fuso, UD and Hino to help them tackle the toughest conditions.

So if you are in a field such as Mining, Military, Emergency Services, Utilities, Construction, Military, Agriculture or Forestry and you are responsible for making sure your trucks are ready to handle anything the great outdoors can throw at them, then you need to contact Locked Drive Systems.

For any enquiries you may have you can call us on: (02) 6933 6845

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