How They Work

Simplicity and reliability are the hallmarks of the NoSpin , Detroit Locker and Truetrac differentials range.

No Spin Diagram

Both the NoSpin and Detroit Locker units transmit torque through interlocking teeth. Secondary teeth on each clutch automatically disengage the main teeth as either ground driven, faster turning, wheel over-runs the crown wheel speed. This maintains the all important differential function while preventing single wheelspin. The driving teeth then re-engage, also automatically, as soon as the axle speeds match again. With this mechanism the operation is, quite simply, no traction=no disengagement, the teeth remain locked.

The Detroit Locker is exactly the same mechanism and function but it is supplied in its own hemisphere case.

No special oils or services are required and installation is straightforward.

The Truetrac uses the separation action of helical gears, caused by differential speed, to control whichever wheel starts to rotate faster. As the gears are loaded, the separation presses the end of the gears into hardened steel pockets thus braking the faster wheel.

This mechanism acts in the same way as a standard differential gear train until wheel speed differences are greater than normal, i.e through the sudden wheel acceleration caused by loss of traction. Steering and general vehicle function is unaffected by this gear system.

Installation is straightforward, standard diff oil is used and there are no special service requirements.